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This is a simple web place to visit in order to find all the links related to the coolfish world of warcraft bot.

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Developer Documentation

if you are a programmer, you can develop plugins or bot bases for the coolfish bot. see below to find out how.

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Coolfish has a wiki that can be used to better understand how to use coolfish or how to develop plugins for the bot. See more information below.

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Found a bug? Want a new feature? Enter an issue into the project issue tracker (requires a github account)

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Need Help?

If none of the links on this page help you, post a new reply on the ownedcore thread below (requires ownedcore.com account).

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Release Builds

Go here to download the latest stable releases of coolfish. I can't guarentee that these builds have no bugs, but they should be more stable.

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Project Details

Check out some of the links below to view the project on github or download the source code from the master release branch.

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